We produce with most modern machinery and equipment a wide range of buffs in a variety of different constructions to meet any surface finishing need. Our buffs are created from pure cotton and sisal. In the manufacturing buff technology, metarial represents a significant portion of buff’s cost and functionality. So we use the best materials. Sisal fiber is a natural product made from the leafs the Agavesisalana plant. Depending on the home country the fibers are long or short.

We use only long fibers, like african fibers, which provides extended wear. We use only 100% cotton cloth.The selection of some different kinds of fabrics in yarn size and weave closeness, permits to meet almost all demands, from hard to soft. Yildiz Cila manufactures a full line of untreated, mill treated and dip treated buffs.

Our treatment system guarantees the impregnation liquid to get right through, totally and equally, to the center of the buffs.Due to the special developed treatment, our buffs range from very soft to very hard.